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Wine Shops

Represent the world on your shelves! Wine shops are on the front lines, talking daily with the most passionate and knowledgeable wine drinkers in the market. 

Country Clubs

Increase quality, drastically reduce costs! Country Clubs are among our favorite customers. From the dining room to large weddings to Sunday brunch, Global Wines has beverage solutions you need!

Organic Retailers

Customers want organic, but they want choices! Global Wines is extremely focused on organic, bio-dynamic, vegan-friendly and local wines. 

Convenience Stores

Prices and labels that move! Chardonnay from California, Pinot Noir from France, Pinot Grigio from Italy, and Riesling from Germany... When customers want to get in and out, we have the wines they want!

Private Events

Pay less for better wine! From weddings to corporate events, Global Wines can help you keep your costs under control, while getting the wines and beers you need for a great time!


Everything you need at great prices! From mainstays like California, France, Italy and Argentina, to up-and-coming regions like Eastern Europe and South Africa, Global Wines has what you covered!


Most want beer, some want wine... get both! While most head to the local pub for a pint of beer, they often bring a companion that wants more than a cheap merlot. With Global, get unique beers, sparkling meads, ciders and also top-notch wines!

Breweries & Wineries

Supplement your offerings! Local breweries with a pub should offer wine with food too, maybe from a local winery! And wineries often like to offer a sparkling wine, or something they don't have bottled yet. Let Global help!

Grocery Stores

The most exciting wines available! Grocery stores have a tendency to let their shelves get stale and boring. Instead, they need to set themselves apart with interesting new brands, as well as local wines, beers, meads and ciders. 


Let us pair wines with your meats, & watch sales skyrocket! With products from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, Global Wines uniquely able to help you substantially increase your wine sales.

Asian Restaurants

Asian cuisine wine-pairing experts! Global Wines is owned and managed by Trinh Wauer, born in Vietnam and raised on spicy Asian cooking! Only we know which wines will work best with Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and more!

Salons & Spas

Elegant wines, dedicated service! Salons and day spas that care about the comfort of customers want to offer a glass of white, red or sparkling wine. Let Global Wines bring you the wines you need, when you need them.

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