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Why Mead is the Next Big Thing

Recently I was at the Epicurience Virginia event at 1 Loudoun in Ashburn, Virginia. I was mixed among all my friends from Virginia wineries pouring Honey Grail's "Boudica's Uprising" sparkling mead, and again it was an eye-opening experience for me!

To learn where Boudica's Uprising sparkling mead can be purchased near you, click here and send us your location.

Time after time people tried the mead without much idea what it really was. "This is like a medieval beer, right?" they'd ask? Or "What grape is this made from?" Some revelers had an idea about the product, saying "They add honey to this beer, I think... but it's not very hoppy!" Everyone was interested in the process for making mead, and it was universally enojoyed.

In fact, the one thing I can definitely say is that people returned again and again... and again. This stuff is addictive, because it's so darn easy to drink!

For those who haven't had mead, it is made simply from fermented honey. That's it. In the case of Honey Grail ( the mead is a bit on the lighter and drier side, and it's sparkling, providing a light, crisp and totally refreshing experience.

The "Boudica's Uprising" sparkling mead from Honey Grail meadery is the perfect beverage for wine drinkers who don't want a beer, and beer drinkers who don't want wine. Boudica's Uprising can be found at many local restaurants already in the mid-Atlantic, with more on the way. Just look for the dripping honey tap handle, and you'll know you're in for a real treat!

Check back soon for some tips on creating cocktails with Honey Grail sparkling mead--absolutely sensational!

Oh yeah - mead is also 100% gluten free, so if you are on a diet, or just trying to reduce gluten, this is the beer alternative you've been looking for.

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